ZERO1: Daniela Steinsapir

Meet 2013 Zero1 Fellow Daniela Steinsapir

Imagine the art of storytelling in the digital age…Daniela is an artist from Chile currently based in San Francisco. During the past year she immersed herself at the Adobe Creative Technology’s Lab and developed a new messaging app SparkChat in response to her innovation challenge focused on mobile apps and how these apps could potentially enhance connective experiences, such as storytelling. Her research found that young people desire a new creative communication tool because the current standard of texting and social media formats are not personal enough. Teens are eager for a more customizable tool, giving way to a more creative and emotional experience to stand out and stay connected. This is where SparkChat comes in.

Daniela challenges the basic mechanics of “storytelling” as we know it. Instead of adding elements to build up the standard narrative arc, SparkChat uses custom technology to extract relevant input from the fragmented stories of our lives as they are already stored on our personal phones, social networking sites, cloud applications, etc. Through topic detection, mood detection and message carts, the new app suggests feeds to enhance the message exchange in real-time, based on social context, preferences and emotional timbre. As such, using this app has the potential to spark the quality and emotional value of our existing daily conversations. The personal is re-introduced to interpersonal interaction, for example, by replacing standard emoticons with one’s own facial expressions, to be used in the exact same popular emoticon-way. Another example is the pop up of content-relevant images to illustrate shared interests and experiences from the past, instantly creating increased connection in the present. The result is nothing less than a new way of messaging communication and it comes as no surprise that a patent application is underway.

For the Fellowship/x exhibition at the ZERO1 Garage, Daniela created a video simulation for the SparkChat application. She will present a live demo during her artist talk at the opening reception on Wednesday, January 22. SparkChat was developed in collaboration with Holger Winnemoeller at Adobe’s Creative Technologies Lab. Patent is pending.

Daniela_SparkChatWorkflow Daniela_SparkChatThumbnail

Fellowship/x exhibition

Wednesday, January 22

6:30 to 8:30p.m.

ZERO1 Garage,
 439 S. First Street,
 San Jose


By Sieglinde Van Damme

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