ZERO1: Cecilia Galiena

Meet 2013 ZERO1 Fellow Cecilia Galiena

Originally from Italy, Cecilia Galiena is a San Francisco-based artist with a background in psychology and journalism whose projects combine traditional knowledge, creative thinking, and on-the-ground problem solving in order to promote social change. Her innovation challenge focused on ways to use online tools to bring together strategic players to actively facilitate social change and collect thoughtful responses to contemporary global issues. In response, Cecilia’s newly developed web platform, Adaptnet, connects social practice artists, scholars, social justice NGOs, cultural institutions, and arts and social justice funders. Detailed information on these people, agencies and their projects, along with easy cross-referencing, is combined in an elaborate multi-tiered database to help uncover interesting opportunities for collaboration.

Social practice artists are at the heart of this on-line community. The platform itself functions as a connector, a bridge between diverse intellectual environments—embracing traditional knowledge and disruptive thinking—as well as the means of financial support to actually make it happen, and a network of additional expertise for effective execution. The platform would also serve as a tool for assessing the value of specific social projects, which could in turn produce valid arguments to move the project forward and attract buy-in from stakeholders as well as additional funding.

For the Fellowship/x exhibition, Cecilia will be showing several illustrative videos highlighting the different entities embedded in her platform, alongside a mural size diagram showing the value of the connections between them.


Fellowship/x exhibition

Wednesday, January 22

6:30 to 8:30p.m.

ZERO1 Garage,
 439 S. First Street,
 San Jose


ZERO1 Fellowship/x Fellow Cecilia Galiena

By Sieglinde Van Damme

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