Vyne Bistro

Wine makes you talk to people. Every different glass is a moment.

–Olga Venzke

An evening walk through Paseo de San Antonio in downtown San Jose is bound to include the enticing scent of wine and the lively sound of conversation diffusing through the doorway of Vyne Bistro. Owners Olga Venzke and Cyril Obiora run a sophisticated wine bar with a personal touch. Wine tasting at Vyne opens the door to discussion and creates lasting relationships with regulars who know the duo by name. Besides their ever-changing wine menu, Vyne’s food menu covers everything from cheese plates to Suya beef, thanks to Obiora’s expertise as head of the kitchen. Although the closing of the nearby San Jose Rep reduced Vyne’s customer base, the pair hope to see the Paseo bounce back to the level of San Jose’s other art hubs. Vyne is catalyzing this from the inside out by hosting live music and paint nights, adding a splash of local culture to a night of wine tasting.

Article by Nathan Zannon
Photography by Christina Olivas

Full article originally appeared in Sync Issue 8.2

Vyne Bistro now sells Content Magazine.


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