Tiki & Typography

The next Content LAB, “Tiki & Typography,” will be September 17, 7pm-10pm at the Blanco Square at San Pedro Square. Mark Holt from UBGSVC will share how Tiki culture first made its way to the mainland, how it has made a comeback since the ’90s, and what true Tiki culture is all about. Enjoy Mai Tais along with poke bowls and acai from Hawaiian Poke Bowl, art, and more.

Next, delve into the diverse world of typography with Joe Miller and Do-Hee Kim. Joe Miller is the Principal Designer at Joe Miller’s Company, President of the Board of Directors at Works/San Jose, and professor at San Jose State University. Do-Hee Kim, Designer at True&Co, is the woman behind the #100DaysOfFonts project.

Typography surrounds us, and even non-designers are realizing that type style and type design can help them communicate.

—Joe Miller

Learn a short history of type and capture the art of making fonts: where to start, what the psychology is behind typography, what different fonts can convey, what might be on the horizon in the typography world. Plus, Do-Hee Kim will share her 100-day journey of designing and coding Google Fonts into various works of art daily to challenge her creativity and try something new.

Meet and create with Tiki artist Christine Benjamin and typography geniuses Jason Mark Jones, Ken Davis, Sean Boyles, Nickki Honeycutt, Jorge Cruz, Yori and Dana Seeger, and Matt Kelsey. Come and experience creativity in community, soak in the Tiki lifestyle, and learn and create with various styles of typography—through letterpress, calligraphy, chalk, and spray paint.

Brainstorm ideas, share your work if you would like to have your portfolio reviewed and critiqued, or just learn about how you are more connected to typography than you thought.

The Content LAB series inspires, creates, and connects our creative community. We believe that communities grow stronger as the people are connected with a common purpose and mission.

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Thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible: Knight Foundation, Blanco Square, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, The Bartenders Guild Silicon Valley Chapter, Denizen Rum, Jack’s Bar and Lounge, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & ThymeMach 7 Sound, Printers Guild, School of Visual Philosophy, San Jose Jazz, CreaTV, and American Advertising Federation/Silicon Valley. Thank you also to The Arsenal for sourcing and providing all of the art supplies for this event. psrt

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