Tiki and Type Review

CONTENT MAGAZINE’s second LAB, “Tiki & Typography,” was in the transformed Blanco Square on a beautiful, downtown San Jose, Indian summer night.

Guests were invited to spray-paint with Sean Boyles, learn about letterpress and create cards with School of Visual Philosophy, and look through Christine Benjamin’s inspiring Tiki paintings and illustrations. They shopped through Mondo’s Amazing Vintage collection and letterpress-branded “Tiki & Typography” coasters with the Printers’ Guild. They created chalk art with Jorge Cruz, traditional Polynesian line art with Orly Locquiao from Cukui, and calligraphy with Nickki Honeycutt, owner of Amore Paper & Ink. They learned about and shopped custom signage with Ken Davis, and listened to Bruce Mitchell of Insider Software and artist Jason Mark Jones discuss font and graphic design.

As attendees began to settle in, Mark Holt, President of the United States Bartenders’ Guild, Silicon Valley Chapter, kicked off the night with a little Tiki history. Then followed inspiring words about the world of typography from Joe Miller, San Jose State University professor and President of Design at Joe Miller’s Company. Afterward, Syrus Fotovat from Paper Plane guided guests through the proper mixing techniques for Tiki culture’s traditional Mai Tai with Denizen Rum. Many claimed these were the best Mai Tais they’d ever had.

Do-Hee Kim concluded with some insights from her #100DaysOfFonts project, explaining that pushing yourself to create every day reaps great rewards from the connection with others and the work that you produce.

Hawaiian Poke Bowl served up their full menu—ahi and salmon poke over rice and greens, freshly squeezed watermelon juice, and sweet acai for dessert.

Before the night came to an end, The Cultivator began hacking coconuts as a surprise beverage for the guests to add to the traditional Tiki beverages.

The night was full of laughs, great food and drinks, trying new things, and enjoying the exciting culture of Tiki.

Thank you to “Tiki & Typography” event sponsors: Knight Foundation, Blanco Square, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Jack’s Bar & Lounge, the Silicon Valley Chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild, Denizen Rum, Rational Spirits, Mach 7 Sound, San Jose Jazz, and CreaTV.

Also, thank you to the talented contributors: Joe Miller; Do-Hee Kim; Mark Holt; Syrus Fotovat; Christine Benjamin; Jason Mark Jones; Jorge Cruz; Nickki Honeycutt, owner of Amore Paper & Ink; Orly Locquiao, owner of Cukui; Bruce Mitchell; Ken Davis; Sean Boyles, owner of The Arsenal; Armando Garay of Amazing Vintage; Dana and Yori Seeger of School of Visual Philosophy; and Matt Kelsey, Katie Carter, and Katie Hoffman from the San Jose Printers’s Guild. The event could not have happened without you!

Stay tuned for more information on CONTENT MAGAZINE’s next LAB:
Iron Chefs
November 14, 2015

Photography by Stan Olszewski

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