The Senses: Spirit

Six local photographers were invited to create fashion images that convey one of the senses. Tanja Lippert interpreted the “sixth sense” of spirit.


Tanja Lippert

tanja-lippertTanja Lippert is a film photographer and makeup and hair artist who specializes in wedding, fashion, commercial, music, and fine art photography and portraits. Lippert is a huge fan of the quality, richness, and “magical” look that film has to offer. Shooting film connects her to her subject and surroundings and makes her more attuned to what is happening in front of her camera. She believes that every great photographer is not only a photographer, but also an artist. A great photographer not only captures great images, but creates images worth capturing. From her lifetime of experience in front of the camera as a model and on the sidelines as a makeup artist to behind the camera as photographer, she has learned that the art of creating photographs can be very personal and empowering.

Photographer: Tanja Lippert
Model: Sterling Clairmont for Scout Model Agency
Assistant Photographer: Kayleigh Sullivan
Wardrobe: Manic Designs, Rachel Riot
Jewelry: Tulio Flores and Raven Jade
Hair: Vanessa Ramos
MUA: Tanja Lippert
Location: Asiel Designs

“The Senses” series was featured in Issue 8.1 Sight and Sound.

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