SubZERO Festival

Cherri Lakey

Cherri Lakey

All Hail the Progenitors of Culture!

If there is one thing Silicon Valley knows, it is subcultures. A restless, innovative spirit tinges the work that is done here, whether it be building robots or painting murals. The thriving subcultures in Silicon Valley come from makers that are not content to fit into pre-established cultural norms.

Cherri Lakey and Brian Eder, co-founders of SubZERO Festival, harnessed and cultivated this spirit by bringing together local artists and makers working on the fringes and in the realms of emerging and present subcultures. The result is a uniquely Silicon Valley take on arts and culture that celebrates where “street meets geek.”

Brian Eder

Brian Eder

Wander the streets and galleries of San Jose’s SoFA District while exploring the new and the strange, the compelling and the curious. Indie musicians join creatives of the maker movement, street performers, food trucks, and a whole cast of misfits that will invite onlookers into their weird and wonderful worlds during the first Friday and Saturday in June.


The 8th Annual SubZERO Festival is on June 5 & 7, 2015 from 6pm – Midnight



2015 Progenitors:
Frank Aguilar
The Art Yard
Bay Area Bike Share
Bay Maples Wild California Gardens
Sandi Billingsley
Julie Bilyeu
Black & Brown
Black Lotus Clothing
Blunt Letters
Mike Borja
Keith Bunnell
David Canavese
City Fog
Classic Loot
Content Magazine
Jim Conti
Crossroads Trading Co.
The Cube
Current Tattoo
Cyclone Arts
Michael Denning, Kathy Adams and Ellen Adams
Dub Rock Records
Empire Vintage Clothing
Faerie Goatmother
Force 129 + Betty Proper
Francisco Franco
Friends with Benefits
Game Dev Club SJSU + AFK Gamer Lounge + South Bay Button Mashers
Cynthia Gonzalez
Scotty Gorham
Francisco Graciano
David Han
Haptic Synapsis
Andrew Heine
Hella Graphic Novels
Jeffrey Andrade Hemming
Higher Fire Clay Space & Gallery
Houselets by Tim McCormick
Human Art Collective
Denis Korkh  (need image)
Jodi408 (Mascaranas)
The LGBTQ Youth Space
Lost San Jose / Josh Marcotte
Luna Park Chalk Art
Manic Designs by Rachel Riot
Frances Marin
Jodi408 (Mascaranas)
Masetas Rotas-Rescue & Rehab
M dot Strange
Mejia Arts
LAuruS Myth
Noise Furniture
One Thousand Thousand: A Collaborative Edition of One Million Paintings
Out of Print Vintage
Gianfranco Paolozzi
Petite Galleria
Joe Perea
Persephone Dance Company
Photon Salon by Tim Thompson
Poetry Site by David Perez
Anica Ramirez
Stephen Reece
Taylor Reinhold
Leslie Ann Rice
San Jose Yarnbombers
School of Visual Philosophy
Sea Senorita Studios
Melanie Sharr
Sixteen50°  (need image)
SJ Bike Valet
SJ Boheimans
SLG Publishing + APE-POP
Sperry Station
Steamy Tech
SV Roller Girls
Tap Tempo Music
Sara Tomasello
Andre VanBroers
Visual Confections
Andy Wallace
Works San Jose

3 Stages of Music (visit Stages link for full listings)

Anno Domini Stage
The People’s Park Stage
Secret Garden Stage

Lagunitas Brewing Company presents THE SECRET GARDEN (opens at 6pm)

Hosted by The Bay Brewers Guild on First Friday, June 5th

list of brews coming…



  • 3 Brothers Kitchen
  • Banjara Bistro
  • Barefoot Coffee
  • Bill’s Hot Dogs
  • Cheese Bandits
  • House of Siam on Wheels
  • Quick Dog
  • Scoops SJ
  • Rice Rockit
  • Soulenese
  • Smothered
  • Street Fusion
  • Twisted Chill



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