Stephanie Metz

Using the unusual material of felted wool, Stephanie Metz is currently completing a series of human-sized sculptures, reminiscent of biological forms that are meant to be touched by audiences. Suggestive of soft, weighty folds of flesh, the clean-cut architecture of bone, complex systems of plant growth and the precise geometry of seed pods and cocoons, her irresistible sculptures appear hard and smooth from a distance, but on closer observation present an enticing, soft, warm, textured surfaces that invite viewers to feel, stroke and hug.  Her upcoming exhibit, ‘InTouch,’ to be presented at the de Saisset Museum on the campus of Santa Clara University, is meant to engage audiences with the art and with each other through playful, novel shared experiences. At the Alameda ArtWorks Fall Open studios visitors can enjoy a sneak preview of these irresistible works. Visitors are also invited to support the production of the “In Touch” project by joining in studio Felting Parties. 

Stephanie states, “My work is intended to provoke surprise, fascination, curiosity and engagement– the phenomenon of wonder.”

Stephanie Metz

The Alameda ArtWorks

Green Door Annex

1068 The Alameda

San Jose, CA 95126

Written by Patricia Johnson

Photograph by Daniel Garcia

For the ninth season, The Alameda Artworks will host their Fall Open Studios in support of Sacred Heart Community Service. The studios will open on Saturday and Sunday, November 3rd and 4th from 11 AM to 5 PM. As in the past nine years, the AAW artists will donate 10 % of all sales to support the Sacred Heart Community Service general fund and holiday outreach.

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