A woman with short blonde hair and thick-rimmed glasses sits in front of an inspiration board filled with clippings.The jewelry of Sixteen50° has a subtle fierceness. In some pieces, bold lines balance against meticulously fine designs. In other pieces, textures both powerful and restrained are incorporated, making them unequivocally and unassailably boss. There’s an awesome strength in Danielle Kish’s confident use of shapes to express the essence of a piece of jewelry. Who knew an isosceles triangle could make a person feel so sharp, so daring? This locally handmade jewelry is the real deal, carved from gorgeous slabs of fine silver precious metal clay in owner and maker Danielle Kish’s personal workshop. Even better: Kish uses only recycled metals and only components made in the United States.

Written by Kevin Biggers, SJMADE
Photography by Daniel Garcia

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