ZERO1: Simon Geilfus (Antivj)

Meet 2013 ZERO1 Fellow Simon Geilfus (Antivj)

Imagine strolling around downtown San Jose after regular business hours. As the sun goes down, the empty walls of the city slowly lighten up. Mysterious life forms glide along the surface of the wall across the street. Around the corner, another bare building surface, and another intriguing display of light …


Antivj is a group of European artists who could easily be considered the artistic rock stars in the world of large-scale projections that combine light and sound to transform urban architecture. Adding to their line of numerous international projects, ranging from South Korea to Mexico, from Tokyo to Montreal, and most recently the Centre Pompidou in Metz (France), lead artist Simon Geilfus (Right) and Antivj producer Nicolas Boritch (Left) have currently descended upon San Jose.

Simon’s innovation challenge focuses on urban way finding and an invitation for citizens to reconnect with their city, in this case the City of San Jose. His project proposes an illuminated navigation system that would take shape as a city-wide web of large-scale projections on downtown building facades that lure the commuter, the pedestrian, the random flaneur, through San Jose’s city streets. The projections themselves are conceived as a collaborative urban game, with an invitation to the audience to participate in the creation of the ever-evolving visuals through their mobile device. San Jose’s downtown urban environment is being repositioned as a place of open exchange and community building between those already familiar and those about to become familiar with the city’s inner core. This project is the way-finding component of the Illuminating Downtown Project from the San Jose Public Art Program.

For the Fellowship/x exhibition at the ZERO1 Garage, Simon created an intriguing video simulation of what could potentially be realized on the streets of downtown San Jose sometime in the near future…

Antivj_Simulation-04 Antivj_Simulation-05

Fellowship/x exhibition

Wednesday, January 22

6:30 to 8:30p.m.

ZERO1 Garage,
 439 S. First Street,
 San Jose


More on Antivj at their website:

By Sieglinde Van Damme

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