Sacred heArt

The creative duo Linnae Asiel and Jonathan Gomez, founders of Asiel Design, are in the business of planning and creating events for their client that evoke emotions. Drawing form their vast collection that range form gothic to vintage in their San Jose warehouse hold a few party of their own each year, and this year they are holding a an art show inspired by the ancient icons and symbols of the Christianity.

Gomez has teamed up with Drew Clark to invite some of their favorite local artist to creative an interactive show that, “beckons for involvement, interaction and pondering.” A key feature will be a Labyrinth painted by Patrick Wadl as well as custom pieces by Lacey BryantJen RenzelAndre Hart and sculptures by Tulio Flores. Linnae Asiel will be creating floral design elements and sound design will be curated by Aaron LaMorte to round out the atmosphere.

Sacred heART is not connected to a particular church rather it is the outcome of a collective group of artists that have created pieces that express their idea of divinity. Everything was created out of the donation of persons and/or businesses that wanted to give to this endeavor. Being that this unique experience is looked at through the life and teaching of Christ. A lot of the imagery is Christian based but the hope is that the ideas that are expressed are welcome to everyone regardless of where they are at on their spiritual journey.

There is no cost to attend but they will be accepting donations for a nun who lives and works with children in South America, who has become person inspiration to Gomez.

Sacred heART

Venue | ASIEL DESIGN Warehouse
April 18th, 7-11pm
245 McEvoy St
San Jose Ca 95126

Art direction and event design | Jonathan Gomez
Floral and Event design | Linnae Asiel
Curation of art | Drew Clark
Thomas John Events
Enhanced Lighting and Sound
AVL Sound Design
Chromatic Coffee

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