racarons_0068Over the past year, anyone who has shopped the SJMADE Craft Markets at Whole Foods is likely very familiar with the tasty macarons of San Jose native Elizabeth Pham and her company Racarons. Over the past year alone, Pham has grown Racarons into one of the Bay Area’s most trusted sources of high-grade, handmade, small-batch macarons. How? To hear Pham describe it, she is “obsessed” with macarons. “I don’t eat macarons; I dissect them,” Pham says. “I’ve studied them. I’ve researched them. I’ve eaten a wide variety of macarons, some good and some bad. Macarons, considering the labor and price, deserve respect and esteem.” Sans artificial or substitute ingredients, Racarons macarons provide that perfect pillowy bite that rewards with flavorful bursts of handmade jams, buttercreams, or chocolate ganaches.

Meet Elizabeth Pham and shop Racarons at SJMADE’s San Jose Craft Holiday Fair 2016 on December 17 and 18 from 11am to 6pm each day at San Jose Convention Center’s South Hall.

Written by Kevin Biggers, SJMADE
Photography by Daniel Garcia

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