Pickup Party Recap

If a Tuesday night can be this exciting; the cocktails so fragrant, the people this supportive and creative, and the conversation and music this head-turning-well, than Content Magazine and downtown’s new bars have set  the stage for an amazing second half of 2014.

Content Magazine hosted another Pickup Party to celebrate the release of Content’s 6.3 issue, themed ‘Stage,’ in downtown San Jose’s new, and much talked about bar Paper Plane, located on First Street’s new “Bar-muda Triangle.”

If you are new to our blog, a Pick Up party is a bi-montly celebration Content holds in San Jose to celebrate the release of a new issue. There is usually a note-worthy band performing, that is usually featured in the issue. We have had fashion shows and organic artisan chocolate at Pick Up Parties of past. We’re not going to lie- they are amazing. Your brain and belly will thank you.

Paper Plane’s glittering wall of liquors and spirits floating elegantly on exposed brick, overlooked the dozens of heads that were excitingly schmoozing, laughing, and leafing through the magazine’s vibrant thick pages. By 8pm the bar area was packed to capacity and every seat taken. Paper Plane’s spacious, airy layout insured everyone was comfortable. The menu looked like something out of a Louisiana kitchen- chicken and waffle, macaroni and cheese, and tater tots- but oh there was much more to this cuisine than run of the mill comfort food.  It was gourmet, made from fresh ingredients.  The only thing that could peel your eyes away from reading your issue or away from your conversation with that oh-so-interesting person or new friend- is the sweet aromas of the steaming appetizers. Your head swirled and your feet kept moving as you got a little bit of something for every one of your senses. Did we mention it was perfect outside as well?

Did you know there is a vintage clothing store that operates out of a truck, murder victims at dinner, an almost 100 year old theater a couple miles from you that looks something straight from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, a publication where you can find out about best painters in our community, that there are several people right this minute that are working on the  architectural development of San Jose that will transform how you (or your kids) travel, go out in, dine, live, and hang out in San Jose in the next 10 years (and that are making San Jose…yes…more cool?), and how San Jose’s epic new band Culture Theft found their newest member on Instagram? Well if you don’t- you should pick up Content 6.3, get comfy in your favorite chair, and dive in.

“For those who live it, urban life is a daily adventure, with new experiences and discoveries every day.”- Content 6.3

6.3 wisely tells us that we must become active participants in our city to find adventures and opportunities. It is up to us individually to create a true, stimulating urban landscape in San Jose.  Tuesday night’s Pick Up Party showed this to the guests first hand- the great turnout resulted in dozens of people meeting each other, exchanging business cards, becoming aware of the cultural achievements around them, supporting the artists and the movers and shakers around them (and in the magazine), and understanding a little bit more for themselves how they are part of San Jose’s new cultural renaissance and what they can do contribute to our city (all while supporting a local bar and cool local musical acts).

Paper Plane’s vault ceilings made sure that it was not stuffy or too warm.  Photographers, writers (hey there’s Gary Singh!), producers, contributors, features, and subscribers, musicians (even the ones gracing the 6.3 cover!), local writers, and supporters and creative minds, from all over the South Bay, mingled and conversed.

No Water After Midnight’s velvety voices and smooth trumpet sounds were distinct even though Content supporters were deep in loud conversation, laughter, and meeting and greeting. Their harmonies were impeccable. The sultry, jazzy version of Disclosure’s “Latch” (amazing!), D’ Angelo’s “Brown Sugar” (so sexy!), and Smokey Robinson’s “Cruisin’” (life was just getting better, as we sipped on Paper Plane’s exquisite Violet Fizz cocktails) made several of us step away for a moment from our conversations and sway to the their relaxing renditions of classic songs. Curious to find out more about No Water After Midnight? Grab 6.3. They are featured.

Does something as small as picking up an issue of Content Magazine, trying a new drink, and meeting new people set the stage and wheels in motion of new discoveries and experiences and connections-to-be – absolutely. A lot us felt invigorated after leaving Paper Plan on Tuesday evening- we knew we are part of something bigger. Meeting new people who care about supporting the innovative and the creative feels great- and we are creating a community of people that are forming an infectious, growing scene that is creative, intellectual, artistic, and educational, not only for the present but for the future as well.

Each of us is an important actor on this new stage. We are creating something special in San Jose. Pick up parties are a great place to not only support Content, but to find out how you can become more involved in our city while tapping into your own creative needs, some of which you may have ignored.

One thing’s for sure- it was a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who came, all those who contributed to ‘Stage,’ Paper Plane and their exquisite staff (you handled the crowd with incredible, smiling grace), and to No Water After Midnight for some truly mesmerizing jams- the background music, was hardly background.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Pick Up party.

In the meantime you can buy an issue at one of your local news stands

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Review by Anna Bagirov

Images by Gregory Cortez

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