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Cosmic: Eric Ressler

Designing with a Purpose Eric Ressler of Cosmic, a digital design and branding agency with a focus on social responsibility declares, “branding and marketing, they’re…

Dan Paul Wysuph

Tattooing is really bold and kind of severe. All these images are life and death and love and all the big existential stuff boiled…

Meet-Up Sept 2018

Content Meet-Up events are created to offer the South Bay’s creative community a chance for free networking and collaboration. A variety of industry professionals…

Dinh Q. Lê

Dinh Q. Lê: True Journey Is Return is the largest solo exhibition of the renowned Vietnamese-American artist’s work in the United States in more than…

Social Policy

I feel like coffee is this thing that attracts many different types of people for various reasons. With a bold name like Social Policy,…

Ed Solis

I would love to see more public space engagement… As a teenager, Ed Solis didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life,…

A Different Drum

For ten years I have heard booming thunder during springtime in downtown San Jose. It wakes me up and makes the windows hum. The…

Carlos Rolón

Look at the cracks in the corners because sometimes there’s a lucky penny there. Chicago based artist Carlos Rolón opens his solo exhibit at Movimiento de…