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Irene Dalis

Irene Dalis has a message for you about music. It belongs in your life. Not just inside the car radio, but in your house,…

Doug Dodd

From his DYI beginnings, Doug Dodd has evolved to a self-taught, master stained glass artist. In addition to stained glass, Doug produces exquisite bespoke works…


Tac-oh! seeks to set itself apart, even before its flavorful food touches your taste buds. Mexican with a Californian twist, the restaurant visually accentuates…

Richard Gullion

The studio of artist Richard Gullion, bursts with the energy of more than 40 years of drawings, paintings, and ceramic sculpture, filling the studio…

TCS Spotlight: B. Lewis

When Universal Grammar released the first installation of its Changing Same mix series this past October, Tommy Aguilar and company chose to kick things…

Stephanie Metz

Using the unusual material of felted wool, Stephanie Metz is currently completing a series of human-sized sculptures, reminiscent of biological forms that are meant to…

SETI Institute

I always like to joke that life didn’t grant me great sight, but at least I have great vision. This is how you create…

Second Hand Hustle

Seeking ’80s and ’90s swag? Jaypee Inguito’s your man. Through his store, Second Hand Hustle, and its offering of curated vintage men’s clothing, he hooks…