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Wheel Power

 The Bay Area is in a perfect position to be the leader in America in terms of advancing bicycling. We have the will, the…


Sensors and Sensibility: Catching Neurosky’s Brainwave in San Jose “I spent countless mornings as a kid sitting at the breakfast table trying to move…

Andre Hart

“I’m not a painter. I am an artist. It has nothing to do with paint or a color; it is something you are.” The…

Latte Art

Latte Art at B2 Coffee in San Pedro Square Market

Valley Fair’s “Fashion Moment”

I think women in tech are having a fashion moment right now. __Randi Zuckerberg Editors, tastemakers and designers alike joined a night of high…

Model Monday: Eryn

Name: Eryn Masucci Age: 18 Height: 5’8 Hometown: San Jose, CA Agency: HMM Favorite book: The Art of Racing in the Rain Favorite music:…


We are an eclectic, nutty group of people of so many amazing, fun personalities. From the moment audience members enter Camera 3 on Second…

Mohammad Gorjestani

Growing up in The Gardens neighborhood of San Jose, Mohammad Gorjestani’s parents pretty much let him do whatever he wanted as a kid. “We…