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Poor House Bistro

What was once a dapper old Victorian now houses some of the fiercest artists and hottest Cajun spices.

Seeing Things Gallery

There are a lot of great artists in the community, whether they are a performer, a painter, or a photographer. Seeing Things Gallery entered…

Natalie Engels

Design goes beyond how it looks and functions. It’s the little surprises; what the user feels when they sit down and what they see…

Go Voluntr

“We can sit here and complain about it all we want, or we can try to do something about it. GoVoluntr is that for…

Wheel Power

 The Bay Area is in a perfect position to be the leader in America in terms of advancing bicycling. We have the will, the…


Sensors and Sensibility: Catching Neurosky’s Brainwave in San Jose “I spent countless mornings as a kid sitting at the breakfast table trying to move…

Andre Hart

“I’m not a painter. I am an artist. It has nothing to do with paint or a color; it is something you are.” The…

Latte Art

Latte Art at B2 Coffee in San Pedro Square Market