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    You don’t have to dig too deep to see that the members of Emblem3 are a loud, wild, and fun trio. Drew Chadwick…

On The Cusp

Bay Area native and writer Shona Sanzgiri is bringing a taste of New York to San Jose this weekend with a pop up shop…

Character Day

What are your strengths, and how can you use them more in your work, school, home, or community? Join ZERO1 on Thursday, March 20th…

Encore Films

As Cinequest 2014 comes to a successful close, there are several stand-out films and opportunities to catch a final screening this weekend during Cinequest’s…

Harry Knowles

For me, your mistakes are what make you endearing in this world. It’s our flaws that give us beauty. Harry Knowles redefined the audience’s…

Cinequest: Opening Night!

Outside the grand marquee of the California Theater, South First Street buzzed with film fans streaming into the art deco lobby and auditorium. On…

Black and Brown

Time flies. And thanks to Black and Brown, old times are still fly. Black and Brown is a vintage buy/sell clothing shop in San…

Cinequest Locals’ Edition

Lights. Camera. Cinequest. Connecting audiences, filmmakers, and creatives over a four-block radius in downtown San Jose, Cinequest will celebrate its 24th year as a…