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Sacred heArt

The creative duo Linnae Asiel and Jonathan Gomez, founders of Asiel Design, are in the business of planning and creating events for their client that evoke…

E7S: Live Murals

Empire Seven Studios celebrated their sixth year anniversary yesterday with an art show and live mural painting around Japantown. The exhibit showcased over 40…

Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer is the CEO of PureMatter, an agency devoted to all things social media. His recent book Human to Human: #H2H explores the many facets…

Jumbo Jibbles

Amy Brown is known by her short hair and big glasses, her quirky personality, and her Jumbo Jibbles. “I’m doing unintentional art that no…

Aki Kumar

On Aki Kumar’s new album, Don’t Hold Back, the track “Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh” begins with some sitar chords before Kumar interrupts: “Hey, you’d…

Getting to Know MKTO

A Rapper and Pop vocalist create a dynamic duo. Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller form a balance of hip-hop and pop in their music…


    You don’t have to dig too deep to see that the members of Emblem3 are a loud, wild, and fun trio. Drew Chadwick…

On The Cusp

Bay Area native and writer Shona Sanzgiri is bringing a taste of New York to San Jose this weekend with a pop up shop…