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Suhita Shirodkar

Watercolor seems to have its own mind. Suhita Shirodkar, a local artist involved in the Urban Sketchers Movement, fills the pages of her journals…

World Cup Poster Art

It was 84 years ago that the very first World Cup was held in the nation of Uruguay. Out of the 13 countries competing…

Herbst Produkt

You have probably used one of Scot Herbst’s products before. Not just admired it in a gallery but really used it. Reclining on garden…

SJ Historic Photo Contest

PAC*SJ is pleased to partner with the San Jose Historic Landmarks Commission in hosting the 2014 San Jose Historic Photo Contest. The finalists’ photographs…

Genius: Marty Neumeier

Marty Neumeier is known today for his books, lectures, and workshops on brand strategy and design. He’s the Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency,…

Model Monday: Julia

Name:  Julia Somers Age: 23 Height: 6’ Hometown:  Sonoma, CA Agency: Unsigned Favorite book? Tough call but the ones that have informed me the most…

Hurricane Roses

Written by Jon Havens    Jon Havens plays guitar and occasionally sings for Hurricane Roses.  We asked the former Content Magazine contributor to give us…

Dan Gordon: Brewers Are Doers

When Dan Gordon talks about his early years, it’s as though the universe planned on him becoming a brewer from the very start. As…