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Santa Clara Valley Brewing

We hope for a brotherhood of breweries. We don’t only care about keeping people at our place; we want to keep people in the…

RockBar Opens In San Jose

There will be a Halloween night in San Jose of the likes that will never come again. It will be the opening night of…

Women in Politics

By now you’ve probably received plenty of flyers, phone calls, emails, and ads letting you know that it’s almost election time. Do you know who…

The Flying Pig

Artist Lacey Bryant designed this origami flying pig a few years ago because she wanted to have something with baffled wings. This cute little…

Jeff Chang

Scholar / Writer Jeff Chang Speaks on Latest Book, Who We Be Much has happened since Jeff Chang dropped his Hip Hop history, Can’t…


Two movie buffs turned their love of short films into the internationally known San Jose Short Film Festival. We want our films to speak…