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Two movie buffs turned their love of short films into the internationally known San Jose Short Film Festival. We want our films to speak…

Orchestria Palm Court

Orchestria Palm Court Mark Williams is the founder of a unique restaurant, Orchestria Palm Court, in the theater district of San Jose. The player…

SJSU: 48 Hour Play

48 hours, 1 act, 9 teams, and the works of Shakespeare. These were the ingredients baked into the first ever 48-Hour Play Festival at…

Cain Velasquez

It’s not everyday you get to meet one of the greatest professional fighters in the world and have him teach you how to throw…

Model Monday: Kevyn

Name: Kevyn Age: 21 Height: 5’10” Hometown: Pittsburg, Ca Agency:  Scout Modeling agency Favorite book? The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende; her storytelling is unbelievably vivid, I…


C2SV 2014 launched last night, Sept 11th, to a considerably smaller crowd than last year’s event. However, let’s not confuse quantity with quality. True to…