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SV Bikes Festival

I have been obsessed with Silicon Valley’s bicycling history ever since I learned there have been bicyclists here for as long as there have…

Printers’ Guild

For twenty-two years, volunteers at the San Jose Printers’ Guild have kept the art of printing alive. In a world where books can be…

Sacred Art Artists

Artist Profiles Sacred Art is happening again! Here is a closer look at the artists who will be participating in the Sacred Art Event.  ART…

V is for Vincent

In 2012, Vincent Katheiser, Pete Campbell of Mad Men, was in San Jose to play the lead in “The Death of the Novel,” we…

7.1 Album Picks

Curated for each issue of Content by Universal Grammar, Album Picks are highlights of recent music releases by some of Universal Grammar’s favorite artists….

Sacred Art II

It’s happening again! Sacred Art II, a devotional art show, is back and bigger than ever. I have to admit that after last year’s…

B Movie Bombs

A guilty pleasure of countless moviegoers since the Golden Age of Hollywood, B movies can certainly be enjoyable on their own. Add a few…

Bodies of Technology

Here in Silicon Valley, people spend a lot of time interacting with technology. Mobile devices and wearable technology are becoming extensions of the human…