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Leading MACLA

I believe that building bridges is the work that I’ve been called to do. I believe that building bridges is the work that I’ve…

Brand Identity

You’ve told everyone that you’re ‘this’ but really you’re ‘that.’ Eventually they’ll find out, and then you’re done. Brands are designed with us in…

Shrunkenheadman club

The Shrunkenheadman club immediately stands out from the others at San Jose State University (SJSU): spend any amount of time walking around downtown and…

Sean Boyles

Artist Sean Boyles would never admit it, but he’s an instrumental force in the San Jose art scene. Born in San Jose and raised…

Snake & Butterfly

“I’m tasting prominent oaky notes. I’m also picking up on dark fruit and molasses.” Some might assume this reaction could only be uttered over…

The Clear Ice Company

If a cocktail at a bar isn’t beautifully presented, that tells me all I need to know about the place. To sit down and talk with…

Rand Fishkin

For most companies, it’s absolutely vital to show up towards the top of Google’s search results. Being on the first page can send millions…

Cinequest 2019 Preview

One of the underlying factors that fuel the synergy of Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival from year to year is all the new connections…