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Rand Fishkin

For most companies, it’s absolutely vital to show up towards the top of Google’s search results. Being on the first page can send millions…

Cinequest 2019 Preview

One of the underlying factors that fuel the synergy of Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival from year to year is all the new connections…

The Art Cave

The Art Cave is a cozy gallery and studio tucked away in a renovated warehouse in Santa Cruz. Previously a chewing gum factory, currently…


Like locking puzzle pieces, Scott and Shannon Guggenheim—or “Stannon” as they are fittingly known by their staff—are the producing entity and owners of 3Below,…

Robert Pesich

Poetry allows you to have these feelings, to explore your grief and joy. Poetry is a spit in the eye of the monster—a knife…

Authentic Imprints

Born and raised in South San Jose, Drew Scicluna found his way into the printing business at an early age. During high school and…

SJMade ’18: Sumsaara

A colorful community means a flourishing collective of local makers and small businesses. Whether it be through craft fairs or pop-up shops, San Jose…