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Nick Martinez

A Director, Drag Racer In car racing, who you are, what you are, where you come from, your physical make-up, nothing matters. All that…

Urban Innovation Network

Deliberately pushing leaders into deep dialogues gave them the opportunity to think outside of the box and collaborate on solutions to some of San…

Nandita Das: CQ19 Maverick

 Nandita Das did not come to cinematography the conventional way. Raised by a painter father and a writer mother (both infrequent film-watchers), Nandita’s childhood…

Guerilla Wanderers

Plot is what happens from A to B. But why? And how do the characters react? Some storytellers steadfastly hold that plot should sweep…

Cineteller Productions

Behind every film is an entire clan of creative minds. You need only sit through the credits of your favorite flick, watch the scrolling…

San Jose Jazz Collective

The SJZ Collective returns to Winter Fest to perform their twist on notable works by Charles Mingus. This ever-evolving group of master players has…

Leading MACLA

I believe that building bridges is the work that I’ve been called to do. I believe that building bridges is the work that I’ve…

Brand Identity

You’ve told everyone that you’re ‘this’ but really you’re ‘that.’ Eventually they’ll find out, and then you’re done. Brands are designed with us in…