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Joel Slayton

Joel Slayton is the inaugural winner of the SVNexus Award, which recognizes pioneering artistic achievement at the intersection of art and technology. Slayton’s 40-year…

Gary Coleman

When you paint, it’s not about the thing itself, it’s about the forms… Gary Coleman, a local artist, born and bred in Northern California,…

Stephanie Maclean

I really want to capture what’s distinct about the landscape here. If you live in Northern California, you are paying for it. The currency…


How has San Jose influenced the artistic endeavors in your life and career? Born and raised in the city of San Jose, Girafa has…

Francisco Ramirez

Francisco Ramirez has been into art for as long as he can remember. His first memory is of scribbling on his mom’s walls. As…

Alan Rath

One of the world’s most tech savvy sculptors reflects on the connection between machines and their makers. Two robotic arms swivel in long arcs…

Massive Act

As a publication fostering creative and innovative community in the Silicon Valley, we couldn’t be prouder to partner with the music startup Massive Act…