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Lorenz Mazon Dumuk

There’s nothing superficial about Lorenz Mazon Dumuk. He’s a poet. His love of poetry led him to California State University, East Bay’s Creative Writing…


In an age where home and work spaces double as showcases for favorite figurines, Shinya Fujimoto of Magnote really gets the idea that the…

Explore Los Altos

Los Altos is a sleepy little town nestled in the hills of Santa Clara County. Its beginnings go back to 1906 when 140 acres…

Fractal Flora

Whether consciously or subconsciously, buying plants is a tacit investment in the world a person wants to live in, and the maker who arranges…

WOO Garden

There are few things on a gustatory level more exciting than the nuanced layers of flavors in a well-made, small-batch jam. Sure, everyone is…

Genuine Haha

A Genuine Haha product could be for anyone, sure, but what makes the experience of Genuine Haha’s greeting cards, art prints, and enamel pins…

Hapa’s Brewing

Good Friends and Good Brews The Midtown Arts Mercantile on Lincoln Avenue houses some of the city’s most innovative and creative businesses, while connecting…


So much of makers’ making takes place outside of the public eye, the effort is embedded deeply and meaningfully in their products, but is…