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Day Trip: Los Altos

Spanish for “the heights,” Los Altos does indeed boast a higher elevation than its two neighbors to the north, Palo Alto and Mountain View,…

Latte Art Throwdown

The winners of Chromatic Coffee Company’s Latte Art Throwdown on February 2, 2018 are a lively bunch—unafraid of a little friendly competition. Samuel Balean…

DJ John Beaver

John Beaver has three passions: animals, music, and life itself. As a zookeeper at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, Beaver educates the community about…

Hawaiian Poke Bowl

Centered in the back of SoFA Market across from The Fountainhead Bar, Hawaiian Poke Bowl is a modest operation with a voracious following. What…

Beyond Borders: Stories of im/Migration

The newest art exhibition at Santa Clara University seeks to explore the painful, devastating, and, above-all, heartfelt stories of the process of migration in…

Cinequest 2018

Cinequest, founded by Halfdan Hussey and Kathleen Powell, is still going strong after 28 years. This year’s theme, “Impact,” focuses on the importance of…


Talk about your dream, get excited, share that enthusiasm and people will be touched and find ways to support you.—Carlos Jiménez Cárdenas Carlos Jiménez…

10.0 Album Picks

Curated for each issue of Content by Universal Grammar, Album Picks are highlights of recent music releases by some of Universal Grammar’s favorite artists….