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School of Rock San Jose

School of Rock San Jose may be part of a worldwide franchise, but it still conducts itself with the personal touch of a small…

Pilar Agüero-Esparza

Staying inside the lines has never been Pilar Agüero-Esparza’s style. Over her 30 years as a practicing artist, she’s evolved from producing traditional two-dimensional…

Apis Floral

Flowers are intertwined with feelings—and Jose Ibarra and Efrain Escalante of Apis Floral get that. Though they never went to school to learn the…

Tea Lyfe

From Horchata to Vietnamese Coffee In a sea of conventional milk tea shops, Tea Lyfe revels in its differences. Curious about the story behind…

Cilker School of Art & Design

The Fashion Design and Apparel Technology (FDAT) program at West Valley College is a two-year accredited career technical education program, established in 1985 by…

Guns: Loaded Conversations

We hope to engage our visitors in conversations about the complex and controversial issue of the Second Amendment and gun use in this country.—Nancy…

Enoteca La Storia

We’ve got very different personalities, but underneath it, we have the same values: your word is your bond. You treat people with respect.—Mike Guerra…


In Distracted, audiences are drawn into the struggles of the parents of Jesse (CJ Aaronson), a nine-year-old child affected by ADHD. This witty and…