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Liz Ruiz

Back when I was a kid, the rink was the social place where everybody hung out. When Liz Ruiz started her mobile business, Aloha…

Casey Wickstrom

When you have such a set goal of this elusive rock star status, and you think ‘if I don’t get that, I’ll never be…

Tim Atlas

…I just had to weigh that with how much my happiness and living a really fulfilling life was worth. I am happy. So let’s…

Carlos Letelier

I grew up surrounded by artists and musicians. Their passion for creating definitely rubbed off on me, and it informs my work today. Ten…

Cayce Hill

Cayce Hill’s foodie passport is well traveled—as is she. From Texas to Mexico, Tokyo to New York City, and finally San Jose, Cayce’s passion…

Jai Tanju

If you run into Jai Tanju, he’s either somewhere in San Jose on his bike, camera in hand, or out on a skate or…

School of Rock San Jose

School of Rock San Jose may be part of a worldwide franchise, but it still conducts itself with the personal touch of a small…

Pilar Agüero-Esparza

Staying inside the lines has never been Pilar Agüero-Esparza’s style. Over her 30 years as a practicing artist, she’s evolved from producing traditional two-dimensional…