Origins Juicery

With locations in San Jose and Redwood City, Origins Juicery is a fresh, healthy, and customizable cold-pressed juice bar. The juicery provides a menu of ten pre-bottled blends, as well as a unique experience with their “Pressed to Spec” jars. The founders, Jesus and Leo, aimed to set their shop apart by allowing their guests the freedom to select fruits and vegetables to create a personal formula within just a few minutes. The freshly made in-house creations invite all palettes to enjoy a healthy drink. Jesus discusses what led him to create Origins Juicery.

When did you first start making juice?
I first started making juice at home with my family when I was about 12 years old.

How did Origins Juicery get started?
Origins Juicery was founded by two SJSU designers that were inspired by creative freedom. We wanted our customers to have the ability to create custom, healthy, and tasty cold-pressed juice blends.  

What is your favorite juice that you sell?
My favorite juice would have to be C3 (ginger, lemon, cucumber, orange, and grapefruit). It has a fresh, cool flavor that offers different citrus notes.

What is unique about Origins Juicery?
Origins Juicery is unique for its “Pressed to Spec” concept. Guests are able to pick up our “Pressed to Spec” bottle, select the produce they desire right from the bottle, and…get their custom cold-pressed juice within a few minutes.

What inspires you?
Nature’s natural beauty and creativity.

Written by Rashi Gupta
Photography by Daniel Garcia

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