Natalie Engels

Design goes beyond how it looks and functions. It’s the little surprises; what the user feels when they sit down and what they see when they look up.

Natalie Engels is a commercial interior designer living and working in San Jose. She has over 16 years of experience in her field, and has spent the last ten working for the downtown San Jose global architecture and design firm Gensler, most currently as a Designer and Senior Associate. If you work in the tech industry, you’re surrounded by her work everyday, at places like Intuit, Hewlett- Packard, Dell and Intel. She is also the Northern California Silicon Valley City Center Director for the IIDA (International Interior Design Association) where she heads up the 2013 volunteer project to renovate the YWCA Emergency Shelter.

Full Article in Issue 5.2, INVENT 2013
twitter: @GenslerOnCities
facebook: GenslerDesign



Intuit Campus Center photography by Jasper Sanidad


Intuit Campus Center photography by Jasper Sanidad

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