Model Monday: Michelle

Name: Michelle Richardson
Age: 20
Height: 5’9″
Hometown: Redding, CA
Agency: Stars Management
Favorite Book: Bone by Jeff Smith
Favorite Music: ’90s hip hop and R&B
Favorite Film: Blue is the Warmest Color
What do you enjoy about modeling? I enjoy meeting cool people and traveling. I just got back from Japan!
What do you think is the most pressing current social issue? Equality and climate change
Guilty pleasure? Ice cream!
Favorite article of clothing/accessory? My cat hat
Place you would want to visit? Hawaii
What are you currently obsessed with? Cats. Forever.
What is your “guiding philosophy” for life? Try not to take everything so serious.

Photographer: Daniel Garcia
Photo Assistant: Arabela Espinoza
Model: Michelle for Stars Management
Stylist: Elle Mitchell
Hair Stylist: PJ for Bedlam Beauty and Barber
Assistant Stylists: Chelsea Voight and Helen Yoo
Makeup Artist: Zenia Marie
Producer: Kristen Pfund
Wardrobe: Ruti, Palo Alto
Location: Black Sand Beach, Sausalito

This fashion editorial originally appeared in Issue 8.3 Show


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