Model Monday: Anya

Every shoot starts with some kind of inspiration; this time it was a location: Starbird, a reimagined fast food restaurant in Sunnyvale. The fresh, clean decor provided the perfect backdrop for a playful yet sophisticated editorial. Monochromatic palettes have favored black all through spring and summer, and now are shifting to all-white—even into fall. Each look is set apart by adding simple and geometric accessories that are easily layered without being overwhelming.

Name: Anya Herne
Age: 16
Height: 5’9″
Hometown: Saratoga, CA
Agency: HMM Halvorson Model Management
Favorite Book: It’s a tie between Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind and Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women
Favorite Music: Alternative rock and classic rock
Favorite Film: Anna Karenina (2012) with Keira Knightley
What do you enjoy about modeling? I enjoy meeting new people with different backgrounds and interests. Everyone involved in the photo shoot process is so incredibly passionate about what he or she does—be it photography, makeup, or styling—and I find that extremely inspiring.
What do you think is the most pressing current social issue? Attending university is becoming less and less affordable. The skyrocketing tuition rates at American institutions render many families unable to support their children through college. Even families that are fairly stable financially are heavily impacted by their children’s college tuitions. Education is the key to a better future for every individual, and everyone deserves a fair shot at having a good education.
Guilty pleasure? Dark chocolate. I could honestly eat it and nothing else for a whole day.
Favorite article of clothing/accessory? My red leather jacket that I got from a small, backstreet shop in Paris.
Place you would want to visit? Vienna, Austria. As a history buff, the Austro-Hungarian Empire has always fascinated me, and I’d love to visit the city that was at the heart of it.
What are you currently obsessed with? Having just spent a month in London, I am quite obsessed with the aftermath of Brexit and the repercussions it will have on the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.
What is your “guiding philosophy” for life? Push the boundaries of your comfort zone by opening your mind and taking risks.

Look 1:

Blouse – Lotus, Lotus Los Gatos, $98
Body Suit – Olivaceous, Lotus Los Gatos, $38
Shorts – Olivaceous, Lotus Los Gatos, $42
Shoes – Chinese Laundry, Lotus Los Gatos, $90
Necklace – Black & Brown, $22
Rings – Lotus Los Gatos, $28-$88

Look 2:

Top – Show Me Your Mumu, Lotus Los Gatos, $79
Pants – Lotus, Lotus Los Gatos, $78
Choker – Lotus Los Gatos, $18
Crystal Rock Ring – Lotus Los Gatos, $88
Heels – Black and Brown, $45
Bracelet – Lotus Los Gatos, $32

Look 3:

Dress – Olivaceous, Lotus Los Gatos, $48
Shoes – Chinese Laundry, Lotus Los Gatos, $120
Choker – Black and Brown, $18
Necklace – Lotus Los Gatos, $36
Rings – Lotus Los Gatos, $28-$36
Cuff – Lotus Los Gatos, $28
Sunglasses – Lotus Los Gatos, $18

Photographer/Art Director/Stylist: Elle Mitchell and Arabela Espinoza
Model: Anya Herne for Halvorson Model Management
Hair: Amanda for Paul Mitchell School San Jose
Make-up Artist: Renee Batres
Producer: Kristen Pfund
Production Assistant: Akadina Yadegar
Wardrobe: Lotus Boutique Los Gatos and Black and Brown
Location: Starbird Chicken

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