Model Monday: Alexandria

Name: Alexandria Ceranski
Age: 20
Height: 5’9.5″
Hometown: Fredonia, Wisconsin
Agency: Scout Model Agency
Favorite Book: Jodi Picoult’s Leaving Time
Favorite Music: Pop, indie, and soul. Lady Gaga’s new album is beyond amazing.
Favorite Film: The Princess Diaries 1 and 2
What do you enjoy about modeling? I enjoy the people I meet the most. They have all been so driven, creative, and fun to work with. The best connections form when there is a collaborative and energetic mood on set. Each idea is taken into consideration and built upon by the team. Beautiful images come out of those photo shoots, and everyone leaves with a tired smile on their face from a hard day’s work.
What do you think is the most pressing current social issue? Women’s rights all around the world is an issue that I am passionate about. We are all people, and we all have ideas that are worth hearing and can make a change. No idea, thought, desire, or opinion should be shot down because of a gender. People say, “It’s 2016, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore,” but people where probably saying that in the ’80s. I am so happy to see that strong women and men are using available platforms to get the word out and to show support. We all just need to love one another and every being. Doing an act of kindness every day, no matter how small or big, could change someone’s day. Love conquers all evil.
Guilty pleasure? The High School Musical series.
Favorite article of clothing/accessory? My vintage ’80s tan wool duster coat that I bought when I first moved to California.
Place you would want to visit? I would love to visit Ireland to see the castles and the rolling green hills.
What are you currently obsessed with? I recently bought a pair of fuzzy sheets for my bed. They are a dark grey, and when you run your hand over them they turn a lighter shade of grey. They are so warm, and it feels like you are falling asleep on a cloud.
What is your “guiding philosophy” for life? Enjoy the moment, and live one day at a time. Each day I remind myself to be grateful that I woke up in a warm bed and am about to go conquer a new day with new opportunities. Many people in this world don’t have the luxuries that we take for granted, like hot water, food, and a home. My goal for when I am “rich and famous,” as I always say, is to help someone on the street and to build an animal shelter. Do I need huge funds to do these specific things, yes. In the meantime, I make an effort to donate or lend a helping hand where I can and am able. I strongly believe in paying it forward and giving back when the world gives you so much.

Look 1:

Beret – Solarium Swim
Jewelry – Zoey’s Earrings
Top – Sarah Aphrodite
Bloomers and Bag – Goddess
Boots – MSGM

Look 2:

Tank and Shorts – Goddess
Body Bag – Sarah Aphrodite
Ribbons – Goddess

Look 3:

Dress – Sophie Andes Gascon

Look 4:

Bandeu Top – Solarium Swim
Shorts – Goddess

Look 5:

Halter Top and Shorts – Goddess

Photographer: Tanya Ravichandran
Model: Alexandria Ceranski for Scout Model Agency
Wardrobe Stylist: Ashley Munns
Hair Stylist: Vanessa Toa for Paul Mitchell School San Jose
Make-up Artist: Mariana McGrath

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