Max DeHart

…my transition into being an artist just happened kind of naturally.

The art of local graphic designer, artist, and muralist Max DeHart strikes a fine balance between the unembellished and the visceral. Working mostly in acrylics, DeHart takes classical painting elements, mixed with calligraphic stylings, to create vibrant but slightly haunting pieces. Originally from the Central Valley, DeHart moved to San Jose when he was 17. Now, at 26, DeHart has established himself as an artistic force in the city, maintaining a longtime studio at the Citadel, showing his work in numerous local galleries, and creating graphic designs for different companies and musical acts. But in the end, he wants to work on a large scale, setting his sights primarily on murals, live painting, and public commission work.

“I actually got into art by playing a lot of video games. In high school, me and my friends started this clan for the game StarCraft, and we needed artwork and logos for our team. So I started drawing stuff out and got really into it. After school, I would go home and play computer games. It was this whole online world of different people, which was great because I was pretty quiet and kept to myself. Over time, I just kept drawing, and it really became my outlet, so my transition into being an artist just happened kind of naturally.”

Written by Tad Malone
Photography by Daniel Garcia

This article originally appeared in Issue 8.4 “Profiles”

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