Lola Saba

I try to elevate the work and show art properly, even at a coffee shop…

Lola Saba is a San Jose native and a graduate of San Jose State with a BFA in Photography. Since taking her position as curator—and barista—for the art gallery that by day serves as the downtown San Jose coffee joint Social Policy, Saba has found a calling of sorts. Being a curator allows her to do what she’s always loved: see art, show it, and share it with those around her. A creator of zines herself, she’s also recently been collecting and expanding a zine library for Social Policy to make the shop an even more artful, inquisitive space.

“After I did First Friday for Social Policy, I just loved doing it, so luckily they let me do it more full-time. I’m always reaching out to diverse artists and presenting a space for the community to show art, talk about art, and really be a part of the art community. I’m all about e-mailing artists and getting into people’s faces and just doing the damn thing. I don’t want to say this place fell into my lap, but it’s such a beautiful space with great walls. I try to elevate the work and show art properly, even at a coffee shop, in a way that it should be.”

Written by Tad Malone
Photography by Daniel Garcia

This article originally appeared in Issue 8.4 “Profiles”

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