Artist Lacey Bryant

Lacey Bryant splits her time as a painter between the prodigious and the deftly understated. As a set painter and muralist, her images command one’s field of view and elevate her exploration of vital human qualities to a place beyond human scale. At other times, her work places a similarly ambitious examination in a more diminutive container. In oil paintings often created in a single sitting, Lacey’s artwork demonstrates what happens when someone insists on staying present and observant in a creative moment.

“I’m into paintings that look like paintings,” she says. “I don’t want to paint things that are smooth and clean and perfect. Oils are my favorite paint because they stay wet for a long time, so I can manipulate the image enough to finish a piece all at once. This ‘wet-into-wet’ style forces you not to fiddle about, to make every brush stroke count. I also like using objects in my work that can mean a lot of things. I like having ambiguity there, so the viewer has different ways to approach it, different ways to relate.”

Lacey is currently the featured artist at Los Angeles’ Cactus Gallery. Her exhibit, a series of oil paintings on wallpaper, looks at patterns of life and decay. Her most recent mural, a collaboration with artist Ben Henderson as part of POW! WOW! San Jose, can be seen on the Alameda Artworks and Recycle Bookstore building at 1068 The Alameda in San Jose.

Video and synopsis by David Perez
Photography by Daniel Garcia

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