LAB Launch

CONTENT MAGAZINE’s first LAB, “Bourbon & Branding,” was a sold-out hit. Hosted by Decca Design in their outdoor patio, it was a night of networking and engaging with some of the South Bay’s best culture creatives. Guests included Danny Harris from the Knight Foundation, Barry Lai from Design Rehab, David Ocampo from Milagro Marketing, Sheila Hatch and Natasha Kramskaya from Decca Design, Danny Halvorson from WebEnertia, Yori and Dana from School of Visual Philosophy, and Jeff Gardner, senior designer at Liquid Agency.

The evening began with a guided bourbon and whiskey tasting by Douglas Smith from Whiskies of the World. Pours were perfectly paired with goat cheese–filled filo dough cigars, a beautiful assortment of rare cheeses, duck and fennel sausage, figs and other fresh fruit, white fish salad over lightly toasted crostini, and a bourbon bread pudding. All food was prepared onsite and beautifully plated by Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme (PSRT). Items on the menu were selected by Sommelier Debbie Blackwell, co-owner of PSRT.

Guests met and mingled with local art and marketing directors, culture creatives, and entrepreneurs and heard inspiring insights from Barry Lai, founder of Design Rehab. He emphasized the importance of knowing your client and showing empathy in your branding work, but declared, “I am designing for the end-consumer though I am hired by the client.”

The evening continued with guests learning hands-on about the secrets to crafting a whiskey sour with the perfect froth texture. Guests then dove into some customized iron branding. It was an unforgettable start to CONTENT MAGAZINE’s new line of networking events, known as CONTENT LABS.

We’d like to thank the Bourbon & Branding event sponsors: The Knight Foundation, Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme (PSRT), Whiskies of the World, Decca Design, Design Rehab, San Jose Jazz, WebEnertia, Milagro Marketing, and School of Visual Philosophy. Thank you for supporting the South Bay’s creative culture.

Stay tuned for more information on CONTENT MAGAZINE’s next LAB:

Tiki & Typography

September 17, 2015

Images by Stan Olszewski

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