Jackie Gage

The jazzy and soulful Jackie Gage has been working hard, not only to develop her own talent and play gigs throughout the Bay Area, but she has also been a positive force in the South Bay music scene. In 2014, with the help of Giant Creative’s Chris Esparza, Gage booked shows in downtown San Jose to give local female artists opportunities to showcase their music under the series name “Fatale.” Meanwhile, Gage continued to perform both with and without her funk-inspired band, JurassiC, and to promote other artists through her staff role with San Jose Jazz.

Now, our young, local girl is growing up and relocating to NYC. Though she will be missed, we wish her the best. We know that no matter where she is, and where her road leads her, she will also continue to be a part of us and the South Bay music scene.

Look for her debut album, Siren Songs, to be released in 2016.



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