Iron Chefs

The third Content LAB creative networking event, “Iron Chefs,” will be at the School of Visual Philosophy on November 14, 2015. Participants will learn how to safely cast their own tapas skillet, from start to finish, with Yori and Dana Seeger, founders of the School of Visual Philosophy. Since 2013, the School of Visual Philosophy has provided quality art education and art services to the community in San Jose, with a strong belief that art is a necessary part of life and culture and should be all-inclusive—artmaking is a skill and a way of being, thinking, and interacting with the world. Participants take part in the process of melting down the iron, pouring it into sand molds, and baking it until it takes shape. Guests will be invited to customize their own tapas skillet, which they will be able to take home later and enjoy.

Local chefs will lead guests on a flavorful journey by teaching guests how to cook favorite tapas recipes. After an evening of mingling and dining together, everyone can toast to iron, wine, tapas, and community.

The Content LAB series inspires, creates, and connects our creative community. We believe that communities grow stronger as the people are connected with a common purpose and mission.

$100 – General Admission

$75 – Content Subscribers (with email code)

$50 – Student

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Thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible: Knight Foundation, School of Visual Philosophy, The Craftsman, Liquid Bread, and San Jose Jazz.

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