Gooseberry Designs

nina_goose_0018A love of traveling and a sense of delight at what can be found on those travels jubilantly infuse the illustrated maps of Nina Kulick’s Gooseberry Designs. With these maps, Kulick transforms tote bags, tea towels, greeting cards, and art prints into a beautiful way to show pride in an area. Her maps canvass a wide variety of places, with special attention given to California. Find charming renditions of the best-loved locales of the state, as well as other cities across the United States (like Boston and Chicago) and a growing number of cities across the globe (Paris, Mumbai, and London for starters). In May 2016, Gooseberry Designs ran a month-long pop-up shop in the San Jose Made Pop-Up Space at Valley Fair Mall, and the reception to her work revealed the deep and beautiful connection people in San Jose have both to the places they come from and the places they explore.

Written by Kevin Biggers, SJMADE
Photography by Daniel Garcia

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