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Mountain View, a town which used to be a stagecoach stop between San Francisco and San Jose, is now home to many of the largest technology companies in the world, including Google. Named for its views of the Santa Cruz mountains, this is where the first silicon semiconductor device was invented, which was essentially the beginning of “Silicon Valley.” Before all of the corporations began to sprawl, Mountain View was filled with agriculture, specifically grain and hay. The city has managed to keep the small town farming feel to this day, especially in the quaint little downtown located on Castro Street.

The Drunken Lobster

When looking for the perfect spot for a mouthwatering lunch, look no further than The Drunken Lobster. While it might seem like a bit of a splurge, the quality of the fresh lobster paired with a soft buttery roll is worth the price tag. There are two types of lobster rolls offered: the “naked roll,” which is served in a brioche roll with butter, and the “dressed roll,” in which the lobster is dressed in mayo. In addition to the rolls, the menu features oysters, several different salads, and a variety of other seafood entrees.

Books Inc. - Mountain View

Books Inc. was started in 1851 and is the oldest independent bookseller on the West Coast. In 1946, it was given to a few trusted employees, one of whom remains president to this day. While many would say that bookstores are a thing of the past, Books Inc. seeks to turn that idea on its head. The bookstore chain is dedicated to customer service and making sure that each person who walks through their doors leaves with a renewed excitement for reading.

Red Rock Coffee

Red Rock Coffee is a two-story coffee shop built on caffeine, culture, and community. This shop is a not-for-profit business that takes all the money not used for the cost of running the shop and gives it to other nonprofits and charity organizations. Supporting Red Rock is actually supporting the larger community in a very real way. They partner with Four Barrel Coffee in order to provide the best-tasting lattes in town.


A family-owned and -operated business serving shaved snow, Chilly & Munch is not a typical ice cream parlor. The only way to describe the texture of the snow is “ribbons of velvet.” The snow is paired with toppings such as nuts, popping boba, and fruit. There are several options created by Chilly & Munch, but customers also have the option to create their own, ensuring that customers get exactly the sweet fix they are looking for.

Alexanders Patisserie

Patrons who walk into Alexander’s Patisserie are greeted by rows and rows of perfect little truffles and chocolates, including an entire selection of truffles that look just like marbles. It is hard to believe that these colorful little spheres are actually edible and entirely handmade. In addition to many different kinds of chocolates, Alexander’s also serves coffee and cafe-style pastries and food.

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Written by Elle Mitchell
Photos by Kristen Pfund and Elle Mitchell

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