Explore District 3, Part 2

District 3 is downtown San Jose, with the airport on the western border and the Alum Rock neighborhood on the eastern border. It includes some of the city’s biggest attractions: the SAP Center, more than a few historic theaters, scads of art galleries, big hotels, and restaurants in all shapes and sizes. District 3 is small but mighty. The historic neighborhoods that grew up around the downtown area in the early 1900s still exist, and much of that old, historic architecture has been preserved. Discover more of District 3 with this second round-up of downtown favorites.


Since their opening in 2013, Muji has been offering a wide variety of products that include household goods, apparel, and food. This Japanese brand is best known for their minimal and sleek design for everyday items. Some of their best sellers include aromatherapy diffusers, acrylic storage cases, and crafty stationary. People who appreciate quality goods with simple designs, should make sure to visit this store the next time they’re walking downtown.


Milk and Wood is a small ice cream parlor, hidden in the SoFA market, that offers ice cream on popsicle sticks. Patrons can choose from several unique flavors, including green tea Kit Kat, taro, and thai tea. Ice cream can be personalized even further with white or dark chocolate drizzles and an array of toppings that range from nuts and cereals to candies. With or without toppings, their one-of-a-kind flavors are sure to delight.


Reflecting the diverse culture and innovative spirit of Silicon Valley, San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA) celebrates new ideas, stimulates creativity, and inspires connections with every visit. With nine to twelve exhibitions each year, SJMA succeeds in presenting fresh, distinctive exhibitions that include a range of artworks from traditional paintings to exploratory, new-media installations. This thought-provoking venue offers visitors a creative space to engage and discuss art.


Designed to bring modernized, urban culture to downtown, this fashion boutique offers both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories from cutting-edge urban and contemporary designers. Underground inspires the independent style and fashion voice of each of their clients.


For those who need a place to decompress with coworkers or just somewhere to watch the game, ISO Beers is the spot: a spacious location that is modern with a touch of industrial decor. With an incredible forty beers on tap and an impressive bottle collection of craft beers, this is a true beer bar. There is no kitchen, however patrons are invited to bring their own food to enjoy in a comfortable, outdoor beer garden. Cleverly defying the “beer bar” stereotype, ISO Beers is a great place to develop a personal taste.

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Written by Arabela Espinoza
Photos by Arabela Espinoza and Elle Mitchell

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