Erik Natzke

With its offices in the heart of downtown San Jose and its products used daily for work and play by so many in creative pursuits, Adobe is very familiar in the Bay Area—and yet, also a bit mysterious to those who walk past and wonder what goes on behind the grey marble walls. At the core of Adobe are its people: from the founders who encourage innovation to the team members who create tools for digital publishing, marketing, and creative needs. Here is a look at a cross section of the people who help carry the torch that founders John Warnock and Chuck Geschke first lit when they started Adobe from their homes in 1982.

Erik Natzke: Principal Artist-in-Residence

As a designer, artist, and programmer, I find great joy in giving material substance to ideas through immaterial areas, like computer code. As a Principal Artist-in-Residence for Adobe’s CTL (Creative Technologies Lab) Research group, I have the great fortune of working on a variety of products and initiatives throughout the organization. I spend the majority of my time collaborating with researchers and trying to anticipate where the future of creativity is heading. With the perspective of artist and creative professional, along with a rudimentary (and stubborn) drive to wield code into viable product creations, I strive to discover uncharted territories and inform the technological pursuits of our organization. A bit of a scout mentality.

Having worked a long time outside of Adobe (relying heavily on their tools to execute my ideas), I’m driven to find ways to reduce the friction within the creative process. I empathize with the existing spectrum of creative professionals, as well as those who don’t quite consider themselves a “creative” (yet). In the cult of creativity, ideas only gain value when they’ve been realized. Tools are the bridge between thought and reality.

Photography by Daniel Garcia

Entire article originally appeared in Issue 8.0 Explore

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