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As Cinequest 2014 comes to a successful close, there are several stand-out films and opportunities to catch a final screening this weekend during Cinequest’s Encore Screenings on Sunday, March 16th.

Here are a few of Content Magazine’s favorite picks:

Bite Size  (Documentary) As the obesity crisis continues to grow epidemically, Bite Size takes a character-driven and personalized approach to understanding the underlying cultural causes of childhood obesity. Featuring four interwoven profiles of severely overweight children and their families, Bite Size travels between East Los Angeles, the Mississippi Delta, and Celebration, Florida as part of a year-long journey to understand the personal struggles, challenges, and choices facing the all-too-human stories behind the headlines. Sunday March 16 | 11am | Camera 12


The Rugby Player (Documentary) An emotional tribute to a remarkable life cut tragically short, The Rugby Player‘s hero is the talented Berkeley Alum, athlete and rugby player Mark Bingham—a young gay man raised by a devoted single mom. This heartfelt documentary explores the importance of community, LGBT rights, and gay athletes in sports. Sunday March 16th | 1:30pm | Camera 12


The Farmer & The Chef (Documentary) With lush, sweeping views of the Santa Cruz Mountains and close, intimate shots of expertly plated dishes, director Michael Whalen brings to light the inspiring journey of Cynthia Sandberg, farmer-proprietor of Love Apple Farms, in partnership with Manresa, a world-famous, award-winning restaurant led by Chef David Kinch. Sunday March 16th | 4:30pm | SJ Rep


Shorts Program 3: Humor Me (Comedy) Looking for tall comedy in short form? Cinequest’s Shorts Program 3: Humor Me is making its final round with nine films that will be sure to put a smile on your face. Sunday March 16th | 11:30pm | Camera 12


Eternity The Movie (Comedy) The 1980s return in full comedic force with Eternity: The Movie — whether you’ve lived through the hilarious hair and regrettable fashion choices or saw them in “What Were They Thinking?” articles, get ready to laugh to the max for all of eternity. Sunday March 16 | 6:30pm | Camera 12

by Jen Myronuk

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