E7S: Live Murals

AbelGonzalez_E1A5095Empire Seven Studios celebrated their sixth year anniversary yesterday with an art show and live mural painting around Japantown. The exhibit showcased over 40 artists of all mediums, ranging from paintings to photography, installations to music. Artists such as legendary skateboarder Jason Adams and legendary graffiti writer Bigfoot were a part of this amazing exhibit.

In addition to the opening reception, local artists produced five new murals. Artists Abel Gonzalez, John Barrick, Jesico, Orly Locquiano, and Sean Boyles will be painting through the weekend. All murals within walking distance from each other. This is all in part for the E7S Mural project, which started back in Spring 2013. Communities have been recognizing the artistic potential through the process of art transforming the place where they live. Empire Seven Studios owners Jennifer Ahn and Juan Carlos Araujo developed this program as an idea to somehow get artists involved with the community and create an awareness of an artistic presence publicly.

More information can be found here.


Photography by Melanie Riccardi

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