You will frequently hear the name Dredg mentioned by many contemporary Bay Area artists as they list their creative influences. Dredg is a true bay area band—a group of conceptual artists whose mission is to create an experience for their audience. Gavin, Dino, Mark and Drew sit and share stories of adolescent want and rehash how their main desire was to create honest music, which lead them through some experiences that will forever continue to shape their lives and their friendship.

What brought you all together?

Drew: Similar interests, you know. School—we all met each other at different places. I met Mark on my baseball team, I met Gavin in art class, I met Dino in my Spanish class. We just all had similar interests. Gavin: Metal t-shirts and math classes. Dino: It was a small town where we grew up and we would hear things like, “Oh, there is this guy who is really good at guitar.” Gavin was known as the “shredder.” We were just kids who wanted to play music.

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 Interview and Photography of Dredg to place at the Vine in Niles.
37533 Niles Blvd, Fremont, CA

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