Creative Collisions

Danny Haeg, Director of the new Creative Collisions program at The Tech Museum, is pushing the Silicon Valley art world and tech world together in the spirit of the innovative culture that they both share. Creative Collision events are interactive and encourage guests to pick up a paintbrush and help decorate a mural, learn a ballet movement, or write an interstellar space message.


How did this come series come about?

Creative Collisions is an event series we’re launching, with the generous support from the Swanson Family, to acknowledge the importance of bringing people who think differently together. Everything The Tech does is in pursuit of “inspiring the innovator in everyone.” We know that innovation occurs when people look at problems differently, and we know that can only occur when there is a diversity of perspectives represented.
What are you trying to achieve with the new series?

We want to create connections that will foster innovations. We want people to walk away with new perspectives and new connections that will inform both their personal and professional outlooks. We are partnering with industry experts to make each event informative, engaging and unique by focusing on the intersection of different themes and fun activities.

Many [events] will feature “design sprints” where visitors are asked to think quickly and creatively about a question and make a solution. The first event will ask people to conceptually design a wearable technology that could be incorporated into ballet performance. Participants will be encouraged to help our partner, Ballet San Jose, ponder the question “What does it mean to be a performance company in the center of the technology universe?”
What unique thing do you feel you are bringing to San Jose/Silicon Valley by starting the series?

Silicon Valley is vibrant with activity, both in tech and art. But so often these worlds stay isolated. The Tech is uniquely situated to gather and connect seemingly different ideas and groups of people to explore topics together. We’re not sure what will happen when they meet, but that’s exactly why this is so exciting.


The next Creative Collisions event on June 30, 6:30pm to 9:00pm, will feature both artists and space explorers.

The Tech Museum of Innovation
201 S Market St, San Jose, CA 95113

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