CQ14 Preview

For years, residents throughout the Bay Area have flocked to the Cinequest Film Festival in Downtown San Jose. This year, attendees can expect to be dazzled during the 13-day event dedicated to new and emerging film artists.

At the Cinequest Film Festival, creativity meets innovation. Like during previous years, a series of Maverick Spirit Awards will be given out during the course of the ceremony, running from March 4 to 16.

Neil Gaiman, novelist and graphic novelist, will be the center of this year’s Maverick Spirit Conversation as the Maverick Spirit Writer.

The festival will feature 179 feature-length and short films by filmmakers from around the globe. With films focusing on thrills, laughs, life or love, there’s something to offer for all types of movie fans.

Martin Cooper, creator of the first cell phone, will be a 2014 recipient of the Maverick Innovator Award, Cinequest’s highest honor. Cooper will be honored with the award on opening night at 7 p.m. at the California Theater. Matthew Modine, known for his starring role in “Full Metal Jacket,” will also receive a Maverick Innovator Award on March 15 at Camera 12 Cinemas.

This year’s festival also includes its yearly Picture the Possibilities selections, which Cinequest describes as a “transformative leadership movement.” PTP gives youth around the world to creative films, encouraging creativity and innovation.

By Samantha Mendoza

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