CQ: Meet Kyle

Content Magazine is excited to be the media sponsor for Cinequest’s 24th Annual film festival that begins March 3-16, 2014.

We will be bringing our readers interviews and insights about the festival, as well as special offers for subscribers.

Helping us out is Cinequest’s publicist, Kyle Burt. Truth be told, we love Kyle’s wardrobe, and look forward to seeing what he’ll be wearing next.

As the festival approaches look for Kyle out and about downtown, and say hi.


Hometown: Everywhere (I moved a lot)
Education: SJSU – BS Business Administration and Marketing.
How’d you come to work at CQ? I started as a marketing Intern in 2011.
How long have you been with CQ? I’m entering my third year/season.
Favorite downtown SJ spot? Right now, it’s a toss between Cafe Stritch and SP2.
What do you like about you position at CQ? My favorite part is how dynamic it is, where on any day I could have interviews with media, reviewing films, writing editorial content, running around making sure people are where they are supposed to be, or planning a party. I also love having an intern team to train.
Favorite place to shop for clothes? I don’t have a favorite place per se, but so long as I shop in a different city. I’m THAT person who doesn’t like to have someone else wearing what I am wearing.
What is you personal philosophy? Who do you admire and why?
“You can never be overdressed or overeducated” – Oscar Wilde.

Tom Ford is someone I admire and before anyone casts judgement, let me explain. First of all, his personal style is both classic and modern. While his look is transcendent, he always manages to look ahead of the fashion curve. From a work stand point, he always puts out quality products and marketing campaigns. He doesn’t have a problem with stepping on peoples’ toes, and not just to do it. He knows his work is quality and once people get over the shock of the imagery, they can recognize and appreciate the quality and details in the pieces.


Cinequest: @Cinequest

Kyle Burt: @thekyleburt

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